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NURN 580 Senior Integrative Seminar

In this course, students will explore current trends and issues of significance to nursing and health care, as well as strategies to support the role of the bachelor's prepared professional nurse. Included in the course is analysis of the broad cultural, environmental, socioeconomic, and political systems that impact health throughout the world.

Coursework Highlights

Coursework is designed for engagement and collaboration. Here are examples of some of the assignments you will complete as part of NU 580 Senior Integrative Seminar.

  • Assess a case study and determine the actions you would take in the impaired nurse’s situation.
  • Take action in the congressional debate about cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Document and reflect upon your short- and long-term professional goals.

Weekly Themes

Each week of this course focuses on a different theme. Your group discussions and coursework will align with the week’s theme as well as its primary objectives.

Week 1 – History and Image of Nursing and Evolution of Nursing Licensure

In week one, you will explore the foundation of professional nursing from the days of Florence Nightingale to the evolution of nursing licensure today. Learn to:

  • Analyze the effects of historic events on the progression of nursing as a profession.
  • Describe the image of nursing and what impact it has on nursing as a profession.
  • Describe the evolution of nursing education, licensure, and standards of care.

Week 2 – Purpose of State Boards and Legal Restraints in Nursing

As you discover the important role of the State Board of Nursing in week two, you’ll also learn about the legal issues that impact the nursing profession. Learn to:

  • Identify legal restraints and responsibilities of the nursing professional.
  • Analyze aspects of the Nurse Practice Act in relation to the student’s current area of practice.
  • Analyze the legal implications of an impaired nurse including license sanction/revoking and the responsibility of the State Board of Nursing.

Week 3 – Professional Nursing Organizations and Health Policy

Week three addresses the relationship between professional nursing organizations and health policy. You’ll also develop an understanding of the ways in which health policy has an impact on nursing practice. Learn to:

  • Identify ways nurses can get involved in a professional nursing organization.
  • Describe the roles of professional nursing organizations and the implications for the future of nursing.
  • Examine the role of the professional nursing organization, the ANA, in health care reform and policy making.

Week 4 – Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Nursing and Health Care

During the midpoint week of the course, you’ll discover ethics and bioethics in nursing and health care while exploring the relationship between ethical and moral decision making in today’s health care environment. Learn to:

  • Discuss strategies for resolving ethical and bioethical decisions in health care.
  • Analyze ethical and bioethical issues in health care in relation to the changes taking place in health care.
  • Compare and contrast ethical and moral decision making as it relates to nursing practice.

Week 5 – Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution in a Rapidly Changing Health Care Arena

Throughout this week, you’ll discover the importance of effective communication strategies and conflict resolution skills in today’s changing health care environment. Learn to:

  • Evaluate communication techniques necessary for effective relationships with patients, peers, and health care organizations in a rapidly changing health care environment.
  • Analyze and apply conflict resolution strategies through the use of case studies.
  • Examine communication strategies in patient care delegation as they relate to the current trends affecting hospitals, patient safety, and the current and projected nursing shortage.

Week 6 – Looking to the Future: Goals, Resumes, Professional Plans

Week six covers topics such as contemporary nursing roles and career opportunities. You’ll also learn how to prepare a resume/CV and a professional nursing portfolio. Learn to:

  • Evaluate the impact of the current health care environment on the future role of nurses.
  • Differentiate among various innovative nursing practice roles today.
  • Describe the importance of a professional nursing portfolio and the documents required to build one.

Week 7 – Current Issues in Health Care

During this week, you’ll explore current trends and issues in health care and how they affect the profession of nursing, patient care, and the bottom line of health care organizations. Learn to:

  • Analyze the effect of the nursing shortage on the profession of nursing and the quality of patient care.
  • Critique the relationship between contemporary economic issues and trends and professional nursing practice.

Week 8 – Making the Transition from Student to Professional Nurse

As the course comes to an end, you’ll develop the ability to transition from student to professional nurse using what you have learned in order to further your nursing career. Learn to:

  • Develop a philosophy of nursing.
  • Discuss strategies to support one’s role transition to professional nurse.
  • Integrate the 5 C’s of Caring into the role of a professional nurse.

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