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NURN 302 Nursing as a Profession

In this course, you will examine your current nursing practice, create a personal framework to meet professional and educational goals, and identify tools for effective nursing practice. Explore concepts related to professional values, nursing knowledge, and roles of the professional nurse.

Coursework Highlights

Coursework is designed for engagement and collaboration. Here are examples of some of the assignments you will complete as part of NU 302 Nursing as a Profession.

  • Participate in a learning styles inventory and assess how you can use your results to improve your practice, as well as ways they can be integrated into the nursing profession.
  • Explore the challenges in today’s health care industry and analyze how those challenges affect patients, providers, and society.
  • Participate in a group discussion focused on the topic of caring for people of a different religion/culture while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Weekly Themes

Each week of this course focuses on a different theme. Your group discussions and coursework will align with the week’s theme as well as its primary objectives.

Week 1 – Tools for the Journey

In week one, you will explore the necessary tools needed to guide you through your Nursing as a Profession journey. Learn to:

  • Identify three professional skills to personally improve in addition to personal qualities and thinking skills to promote skill development.
  • Describe the components of the nursing program learning outcomes.

Week 2 – Information Technology

Week two addresses the electronic information that is available to health care professionals. You’ll develop the necessary skills to effectively evaluate and use that information. Learn to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to research electronic health care information from the USM library through the EBSCOhost database.
  • Evaluate web-based health information for credibility and its applicability to professional practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to summarize electronic health care information through an annotated bibliography using APA style.

Week 3 – The Evolution of Nursing

During week three, you’ll explore the historical evolution of nursing practice while understanding advancements in technology, changes in the health care delivery system, and various societal needs that impact the nursing industry. Learn to:

  • Compare and contrast the model of “Diagnose and Treat” to the predict, prevent, manage, and promote approaches to health care delivery.
  • Identify the requisites of a profession as set forth by Margaretta Madden Styles.
  • Discuss historical and societal influences on current individual nursing practice.

Week 4 – The External Forces on Nursing

Week four marks the midpoint of the course where you will discover the impact of economics, health care policy, political issues, and legal issues on nursing practice. You’ll also explore the state board’s definitions of nursing while comparing regulations to those of other states. Learn to:

  • Explain how aspects of the current United States health care system affect the practice of nursing.
  • Analyze major economic influences on nursing practice.
  • Define key terms related to legal and economic concepts in nursing practice.

Week 5 – The Uniqueness of the Nursing Profession

Throughout this week, you’ll explore the essence and uniqueness of the profession of nursing through the discovery of nursing theories and their applications to practice. Learn to:

  • Articulate a personal definition of nursing.
  • Describe how conceptual frameworks and theories are used to guide nursing practice.
  • Summarize the use of mid-range theory in your own nursing practice.

Week 6 – Values of the Nursing Profession

By the end of this week, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the values of the nursing profession, including the characteristics of a profession addressed by Margaretta Madden Styles and the concepts of caring within professional practice. Learn to:

  • Apply ethical principles, professional codes, and practice standards in professional decision making.
  • Examine practice environment for evidence of professional values.
  • Summarize the elements of Sister Simone Roach’s Five C’s of Caring.

Week 7 – Themes of Nursing Practice

In this week, you will explore the foundational key themes of professional nursing practice while developing an understanding of the areas of health promotion, human diversity, and global health care. Learn to:

  • Summarize key concepts and terms related to providing nursing care that is sensitive to human diversity.
  • Compare leading theories of transcultural nursing.
  • Explain the Health Promotion Model and the Health Belief Model while providing examples of how they can be applied in nursing.

Week 8 – Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the course, you’ll expand your critical thinking skills while establishing growth and recognizing goals related to your professional growth. You’ll also identify strategies you can use to enhance your professional and personal growth. Learn to:

  • Articulate a personal mission, goals, and a management plan to facilitate goal achievement.
  • Identify strategies to help navigate personal change.

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