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The 5 C’s of Caring

Sister Simone Roach’s 5 C’s of caring – commitment, conscience, competence, compassion, and confidence - are highly applicable to the nursing profession. It’s fairly straightforward to grasp the meaning of the 5 C’s, but it takes time and effort to ensure they are consistently applied in the workplace.

Career Spotlight: Addiction Nurse

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a major societal problem. About 20 million people in the U.S. currently have substance abuse disorders, and 1 in 7 Americans will abuse alcohol or drugs in their lifetime.1 Many policymakers and legislators have proposed treating this phenomenon as a health issue rather than a criminal one, indicating a greater role for the health care industry in treatment and prevention. An addiction nurse, also called substance abuse nurse, plays a major part in efforts to help people overcome their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

What Is Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing?

Evidence-based practice (EBP) enhances the art of nursing by using scientific procedures to improve patient outcomes and minimize costs. It integrates evidence from research with clinical expertise and patients’ values to guide nursing decisions. Rather than continuing “nursing as usual,” nurses who engage in EBP think critically about current practices and procedures, questioning them in order to improve them.