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Business management is about far more than managing operations and finances; great business management requires leadership that keeps teams motivated and eager to achieve success. Happy, motivated employees are more productive and help encourage others to be productive, too. Knowing what motivates teams, how to maintain motivation even in difficult times, and learning how to streamline operations so employees can work efficiently and effectively are all key to achieving and maintaining success.

Leaders agree:

Marketing Teams Can Benefit from a Leader That Has Earned an MBA

MBA graduates can contribute to the success of an organization in a wide variety of ways. Their extensive training and keen insights into the current business landscape and market drivers enables them to contribute in a variety of specialized, but important roles.

It’s natural to think of MBA graduates working as business analysts, procurement leaders or overseeing teams of sales professionals. What some people may not realize is the same skills needed to manage traditional business functions can also prepare an MBA grad to overseeing an organization’s marketing department.

An MBA Graduate’s Impact in the Nonprofit Sector

MBA graduates are an ideal fit for the non-profit sector's growing need for employees with diverse business skills and competencies. Not only can a professional with their MBA have a large business impact on the organization, but they can influence positive social change through their work.

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One-Year MBA Benefits

Recent graduates and working professionals can discover new and exciting job opportunities through accelerated online graduate programs. A one-year MBA program offers a marketable advantage for those looking for career advancement in less time. Discover how an accelerated online graduate program may be right for you.

10 Handy Apps for Personnel Management

Human resource professionals are the backbone of businesses, as they provide personnel management skills that are vital to the success of a company. From hiring new employees and handling benefits to tracking the long-term viability of staff members, the responsibilities of those in human resources are great.

The online MBA program with a concentration in Human Resource Management at the University of Saint Mary offers the skills necessary to start or advance a career in this growing field.

Three Top MBA Specializations for the New Global Economy

Tomorrow’s economy will not be the same as yesterday’s economy. Increasingly, the financial workplace is about how to compete globally rather than just locally or stateside.

Companies pursue business in both established and emerging markets in an environment of accelerating change. As a result, employers seek qualified candidates to work not only in the U.S, but also overseas.

Is it Worth Joining the ‘App Economy’

We are living in interesting times; apps for electronic devices and cloud tools are omnipresent. Today an ‘app economy’ has developed, creating fortunes for tech-entrepreneurs and forever changing the way business is done.1

This app economy is comprised of everyone who has a job thanks to mobile apps. By 2020 this sector of American commerce is likely to double in size to $101 billion, according to application market researcher, App Annie.2

7 Popular and Secure Business Apps for Tablets

Following the market downturn of 2008 – where some of the largest and most established companies in the U.S. crumbled – the need for effective risk management became paramount in nearly every industry.

What exactly do risk managers do and why are they so vital to organizations? broadly defines the role of risk managers as those professionals tasked with developing and initiating internal and external risk-management and loss-prevention programs.