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Top Four Challenges for Today’s Nurse Administrators

Heath care is undergoing huge changes and growth, and will continue to do so. Here are a few main challenges nurse administrators have to face today.

Advanced Nursing Theory: Nursing Theory vs. Nursing Practice

Bridging the gap between nursing theory and practice is important for the field to maintain ethical standards in the fast-paced world of medicine.

Five Factors Contributing to the Nursing Faculty Shortage

Nursing programs are turning qualified students away due to nursing faculty shortage. Here are five factors that contributed to this crisis.

Best Apps for Nursing Students

Nurses have many things to consider day-to-day: schedules, patient needs, data management, and more. Having access to iOS and Android mobile apps can help nurses become more organized, which ultimately improves patient care quality.

Health Care Ethics: A Theological Perspective

Nurses are motivated to serve others for a variety of personal and spiritual reasons. The responsibility to care for the sick and wounded, and the ethical considerations of this care, is not something to be taken lightly when deciding to become a nurse.