Top 6 MBA Career Paths

All businesses need leaders, and MBA graduates with a concentration in marketing, finance, human resource management, healthcare, or leadership, play key roles in almost every industry and sector. Below are a few of the top fields with the highest demand for MBA grads.

1. IT and technology:

MBAs take on a broad variety of leadership roles in the information technology field, including product and project management, talent acquisition and HR, marketing and sales, and consulting for technology providers. IT and computer services has become the second-largest career sector for MBAs worldwide, accounting for more than 11% of all openings, according to a survey of employersi.

2. Heath care, pharmaceuticals, and biotech:

Cutting-edge innovations in healthcare require business acumen to bring new products to market, while healthcare organizations require experts capable of exploring the complex processes involved in healthcare delivery to ensure that patients receive the care they need in the most efficient way possible. Job demand in healthcare organizations for executive and administrative positions surged by 33% in 2014 and growth continues to be strongii.

3. Finance and banking:

MBAs with a concentration in finance serve as investment bankers, financial managers, and financial analysts for a broad range of financial institutions, ranging from traditional banks and investment advisors to venture capital firms and other early-stage investors. Despite growth in demand for MBAs in other industries, financial services and banking remains the top field for MBA jobs, with nearly 20% of jobsiii.

4. Education:

While they may not set foot in the classroom, MBAs can play important roles in education policy, technology, and management, especially as the sector has become more innovative and focused on developing and integrating technology and data analysis into teaching. There are even organizations including the nonprofit Education Pioneers that recruit MBA grads and other professionals for leadership roles in the field.*

5. Government:

Governments are among the largest and most complex organizations out there, and they offer a diverse range of opportunities for MBAs including entry-level positions for recent graduates. Working in government means managing a wide range of fields — everything from IT and utilities to policy development and public safety.

6. Consulting and professional services:

A longtime destination for top MBA grads, consulting and professional services firms offer one thing other fields don’t — the opportunity to assess, analyze, and offer solutions in a variety of industries as they begin their careers. With the median income starting at $135,000 or more, large consulting firms offer among the best salaries for recent graduatesiv.

And this is just the beginning. MBA graduates can ultimately take on senior management roles in any field, including C-suite positions such as chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, and chief talent officer.

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