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Three Reasons to Design Your Personal MBA

The purpose for earning your MBA is to help you land the job you want, in the area of business that interests you. To that end, there are many different MBA specializations to help you.

Students pursuing a General Management MBA gain a greater understanding of various functions and departments within an organization. Its focus is on economics, general management skills such as conflict resolution, and an in-depth understanding of leadership. With this broad approach, graduates are in a stronger position to:

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Support Your Career Goals with an In-Demand MBA Specialization

This free download presents presents an overview of seven MBA specializations that align with current business needs and trends! Click here!

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10 Handy Apps for Professionals in Personnel Management

It can be difficult to keep track of statistics and regulations when you're managing an HR department. These 10 apps help busy professionals stay organized.

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8 Best Practices in Business Management

Creating a productive workplace in which employees feel valued and work well together is easy with these eight practices of business management.

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10 Tips for Balancing a Business Education and Work

Going back to school when you're already working full-time in the business world can be daunting. The hours you used to spend unwinding are now devoted to learning new material and fulfilling the course requirements for a business education degree program. The following ten tips for going back to school are designed to help you achieve a comfortable balance between ongoing job performance and future career success.

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