10 Handy Apps for Professionals in Personnel Management

A leadership role in Human Resource Management can be a demanding but rewarding job. An entire company counts on you to know information vital to their success, from the application process to benefits, worker compensation, and retirement. You need to process how the regulations of different entities affect eligibility. And you need to be able to explain this information clearly to employees, never losing sight of HR management's core purpose, to create a productive workforce and facilitate conflict resolution.

[To learn about these apps and more, view the infographic "10 Handy Apps for Personal Management"]

These 10 apps allow you to streamline the process of personnel management by organizing data, automating onboarding documents, and providing practical tools to recruit new hires.

1. OrgPublisher from PeopleFluent

A workforce planning and analytics software, OrgPublisher allows you to input key data about employees to keep track of ongoing performance, predict future performance, analyze strategic and tactical goals, and even determine a need for new hires. Mobile access helps you to take this data with you on the go.

2. Workday

Another analytics software platform, Workday, claims to reduce and organize data more simply than its competitors. It offers HR management, benefits, talent management (i.e., appropriate compensation based on performance), recruiting, payroll, and time tracking with "global visibility."

3. Jobvite

Jobvite is recruiting software that uses the power of social media to find new hires through your employees' connections, allows you to build a talent pool, tracks applicants for each job from resume to hire, and avoids redundancies in the interview process, saving companies time. More proactive than traditional approaches to hiring, the app allows personnel managers to vet applications at every stage of the process.

4. Oracle Netsuite

This software attracts and recruits talent and cuts down on repetitive tasks in the hiring process, allowing personnel managers to focus on creating a productive work environment. Oracle Netsuite facilitates productivity by focusing on employee engagement. It integrates many social features, like an interactive corporate news feed, to make employees more interested in accessing the platform. The more educated your employees become about the HR issues that affect them, the less time you spend disseminating the same information over and over.

5. BambooHR

Bamboo targets small to medium-sized businesses that want one software application to take care of all their employee management needs. The software allows managers to have all of their employee data in one place, and it organizes this data in a human-friendly way. The software is designed to integrate with other departments, and the service is priced with the size and scope of individual businesses in mind.

6. ClearCompany

This software combines recruitment, employee onboarding, and performance management in one integrated system. With ClearCompany, managers can evaluate candidates' performance throughout the hiring process and monitor EEO and OFCCP compliance. The software also connects to mobile platform recruitment and can generate reports on nearly 100 data points.

7. Ascentis

Ascentis is a suite of on-demand software that manages each area typically covered by HR: payroll, recruiting, timekeeping, and talent management. It also has a self-service platform that automates direct deposit changes and open enrollment. The goal is to avoid repetitious and time-consuming explanations of the same materials by placing employees in charge of their benefits and retirement options.

8. The Applicant Manager

This intuitive, mobile-friendly software application is designed to attract quality employees and streamline the entire application process by removing the need to create a log-in system and reducing what can be a frustrating exercise to a few mouse clicks. The Applicant Manager also allows personnel management to organize hiring data and present as much or as little as they want to company executives.

9. iCims

Another applicant and talent management software system is iCims, which features a tracking system that allows HR managers to find, filter, and recruit personnel and a marketing automation tool that lets companies reach out to potential candidates through social media platforms and other campaigns. iCims also contains onboarding software to ease the transition from applicant to employee. This software suite has one primary goal – to simplify and coordinate the entire hiring process.

10. Kronos

Kronos is a global workforce management system that helps small and medium-sized organizations to manage data in the cloud. For example, the software allows HR managers to meet Affordable Care Act compliance regulations, providing an automated means for reporting accurate employee information that will determine eligibility. It also provides auditing and reporting features to demonstrate compliance to government agencies. Like other personnel management applications, Kronos fully automates routine onboarding information so that HR managers do not have to spend their time explaining the basics to each group of new employees.

Gone are the days when HR managers had to spend their time in lengthy sessions with each new hire or sit passively waiting for resumes to come streaming in. New interactive software applications have revolutionized personnel departments, freeing up time spent doing busy work and allowing managers to focus on creating a productive and efficient workforce.

To learn about these apps and more, view the infographic
"10 Handy Apps for Personal Management"

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