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Marketing and Advertising Concentration

A rewarding career in the world of marketing and advertising in as little as one year

Things move fast in the marketing and advertising world. That's why a one year online MBA Marketing and Advertising Management concentration through the University of Saint Mary makes sense. In as little as one year you will gain the knowledge and experience to lead a team in creating and implementing successful marketing and advertising strategies that will resonate with your target audience and ultimately benefit your business' bottom line.

The MBA Marketing and Advertising Management concentration at the University of Saint Mary explores the ideology behind effectively motivating team members to take ideas from the drawing board to market. It covers the concepts of market research and strategy, buyer behavior, and planning.

Graduates from the program will be readily equipped to:

  • Work with department heads to ensure marketing strategies are fiscally sound
  • Select which advertising mediums are suitable for individual campaigns
  • Initiate consumer studies and analyze the subsequent data to fuel your plan
  • Collaborate with sales associates, helping to achieve maximum ROI
  • Implement contemporary, effective marketing and advertising practices
  • Create competitive pricing strategies

Career opportunities are growing. Be ready with an MBA.

Employment for marketing and advertising mangers is slated to grow 12 percent by 2022, and those who have MBAs with a concentration in marketing and advertising management will continue to be in demand, given that their unique skill set is applicable to an array of fields.1

When you start your MBA today, you could be starting your rise to the top of the advertising world a year from now. Career growth opportunities could lead you to a rewarding position in a number of advertising and marketing related jobs including:

  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing manager or director
  • Brand manager

Marketing and Advertising Management Concentration Requirements

The University of Saint Mary MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising Management requires a total of 33 graduate-level credit hours, which include eight core courses and the following three courses:

MGT 747 - The Advertising Industry in the 21st Century: This course will address the complex management challenges in advertising today. Topics include: the new client service model, working with contract services, campaign planning, modern media and media planning, and basic advertising production techniques. Students will also learn how to develop a “creative brief” and learn how to work with a creative staff. Prerequisite MGT 704 Marketing Management.

MGT 748 - Buyer Behavior and Marketing Research: Understanding why and how a consumer decides to purchase a certain product, and what effect advertising has on the decision, is a key part of the marketing and advertising process. Students will gain insight into this process through the systematic collection of data through targeted marketing research on the consumer and his or her preferences. This course will explore both sides of the equation: what makes a consumer buy and how do we determine his or her buying style, likes and dislikes and brand preference. Prerequisites: MGT 704 Marketing Management, MGT 747 The Advertising Industry in the 21st Century.

MGT 749 - Advanced Marketing Strategy and Planning: The advertising plan is usually a critical part of the overall marketing plan for products. Proper utilization of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix in the formulation of strategy will determine the future effectiveness of a campaign. This course will teach students how integrated marketing communication, through targeted strategic planning, will help insure success of all of the key elements of an advertising campaign. This course will also cover the use of social media. Prerequisites: MGT 704 Marketing Management, MGT 747 The Advertising Industry in the 21st Century, MGT 748 Buyer Behavior and Marketing Research.

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