Health Care Management Concentration

As the health care industry grows, so does your opportunity to become a leader within the field.

Demand is growing for health care professionals, and now is the time to start your online MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management. In as little as one short year, you could be the professional in demand.

The health care industry is predicted to increase 22% by the year 2020.1 Businesses and organizations are in desperate need of competent, well-trained management professionals who not only possess an interest and passion for this rapidly expanding field, but also have the necessary business intelligence - specific to health care - to lead their companies toward future success. Within a year, you will be able to position yourself as the ideal candidate to fill these new managerial roles.

The University of Saint Mary online MBA Health Care Management concentration utilizes real-world examples and focuses on instilling strong business skills, so you can handle any legal and ethical issues that may arise.

This online MBA will provide students with the business knowledge they need to succeed in a leadership role at various health services organizations. High-level positions that handle all aspects of running a medical facility are in high demand – job paths in this advanced field of study are both challenging and rewarding.

A concentration in health care management is widely applicable across the health care industry. This important credential can lead to needed jobs as a health care consultant, health services manager, practice manager, or even an administrator overseeing aspects of:

  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Mental and public health organizations
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • University and college research institutions
  • Private consulting firms

Health Care Management Concentration Requirements

The University of Saint Mary Human Resource Management MBA requires a total of 36 graduate-level credit hours, which include nine core courses and a choice of three courses from the list below:

HCMGT 715 - Communication and Relationship Building: This course studies communication theory to provide a foundation for understanding how information and ideas are passed from person to person. It also analyzes the role of communication and relationship building in organizational change and transformation and the methods of developing and strengthening relationships and trust in a diverse environment. Topics to be covered include conflict resolution, therapeutic communication processes and social support for relationships.

HCMGT 716 - Leadership in Healthcare: Key concepts in leadership and management within the health care system are studied in this course. Emphasis is placed on organizing and delivering health care, assessing resources, planning, managing human resources, improving quality and promoting positive change. Types of leadership will be reviewed and students will develop a sense of their own style of leadership.

HCMGT 717 - Business Skills for Health Care Managers: In this course, students will study key concepts of management including organizing, planning, directing human resources, and controlling systems to obtain desired results. Topics include budgeting, human resources administration, the use of technology in management, and the role of strategic management in leading organizational growth and development.

HCMGT 718 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care: Students will be introduced to major ethical theories and principles in this course and evaluate current legal and ethical issues in the field of health care. Students explore issues such as patient rights, withdrawing life support, promoting client autonomy, business ethics, and the legal responsibilities of health care organizations. Students evaluate varied perspectives and develop a reasoned analysis of current topics.

HCMGT 719 - Topics in Health Care Management: In this course, students will examine the professional, socio-cultural, economic, and political forces exerting pressure on the current health care system. Students study current issues in health care such as growing demand, the increased use of technology, the changing role of government, and the shortage of trained professionals in many health care fields.

Get ready to be in demand in the growing field of health care management. You can learn more about a University of Saint Mary MBA health care management concentration by calling 877-307-4914 or request more information.