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Finance Concentration

It can only take one year to position yourself for leadership in the influential field of finance.

Every industry revolves around its finances. An in-depth understanding of its best practices is vital for all industries, ranging from health care and government to entertainment and banking. When you strengthen your investment and management skills, you position yourself for a leadership role in this dynamic professional field.

The online MBA program with a Finance Concentration at University of Saint Mary centers around the monetary aspects managers face on a daily basis and the ability to properly evaluate assets and assess risk. Utilizing real-life examples and advanced concepts, you’ll receive the same education and respect that a more general MBA offers with the added advantage of understanding how to properly gauge investments, create future growth, and distribute capital soundly. This accelerated curriculum is challenging, but it will put you in the forefront faster.

The accelerated MBA program allows students to quickly take their finance degree to the next level. The one-year degree does require a high level of dedication, as you will be working at an accelerated pace to complete two years’ worth of course work in half the time. The program is designed to make it more convenient for students to grow their career in finance and see a faster return on investment in comparison to traditional two-year MBA programs.

Your one-year MBA opens the door to a world of financial opportunities.

For those considering enrolling in an MBA with a concentration in finance, the career outlook is promising, given the yearly salary for the careers below, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.1

As you are working to grow your financial planning career, consider joining one of the following financial associations:

Finance Concentration Requirements

The University of Saint Mary Finance MBA requires a total of 33 graduate-level credit hours, which include eight core courses and the following three courses:

HCMGT 760 - Advanced Financial Topics: Students will focus on major financial issues facing managers in an increasingly savvy marketplace. The course combines discussion, extensive reading and lecture with several projects suited to demonstrate mastery of the topics included in the course. Prerequisites: MGT 712 - Managerial Finance, MGT 768 - Financial and Capital Issues.

MGT 768 - Financial and Capital Issues: This class integrates capital structure and corporate financial decisions with corporate strategy. Topics to be discussed include financial markets and instruments, valuing financial assets, valuing real assets, capital structure, incentives, information and corporate control and risk management. Within these broad topics, students will examine the allocation of capital for real investment, financing the firm, knowing whether and how to hedge risk, and allocating funds for financial investments. Prerequisite: MGT 712 - Managerial Finance.

MGT 769 - Financial Decisions: This course focuses on the application of graduate level financial concepts through case studies to solve financial problems. The course will emphasize additional funds needed, future growth, appropriate capital structure, cash flow issues. Prerequisite: MGT 768 - Financial and Capital Issues.

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