MGT 750 Leadership - Master's in Business Administration (MBA)

MGT 750 Leadership explores ways to identify, analyze, and recommend skills essential to practicing effective leadership within the workplace. A variety of real-world coursework requires you to explore a given situation, point out leadership issues, and recommend strategic changes to meet such challenges. Among many tasks, you’ll be asked to define different leaders, styles, and strategies that can increase the effectiveness of the work group. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to demonstrate an understanding of characteristics of effective leaders and identify situations in which different leadership styles provide the best solution to incorporate structural changes that allow the firm to succeed and thrive.

Coursework Highlights

Coursework is designed for analysis and execution. Here are examples of some assignments you may complete as part of MGT 750 Leadership.

  • Answer weekly leadership discussion questions with a well-constructed, critiqued, and sourced thesis. Also, respond to classmates’ answers with thoughtful and substantial posts.
  • Complete weekly assignments that prove you can identify, analyze, and recommend skills essential to practice effective leadership within the workplace.
  • Participate in team assignments that relate to the proper leadership of a team, how to motivate them, ways to resolve conflict, and evaluate performance to best meet goals.

Course Objectives

  • Identify, analyze, and recommend skills essential to practicing effective leadership.
  • Analyze a given situation to identify leadership issues and recommend strategic changes.
  • Define leaders, leadership styles, and leadership strategies that can increase effectiveness.
  • Understand different characteristics of effective leaders and identify structural changes for success.
  • Critique different characteristics of effective leaders and styles that provide the best solution.

Weekly Themes

Each week of this course focuses on a different theme. Your class reading, discussions, and individual and team assignments will align with the week’s theme. All weekly course material is proposed and subject to change.

Week 1 – Leadership Styles and History

  • During the introduction week, you’ll touch on the history of leadership as well as contingency theories.

Week 2 – Individual Leadership and Ethics

  • In week two, you’ll examine how we perceive the world affects ethical decision making and how we use values to accomplish our goals.

Week 3 – Followership and Motivation

  • Throughout week three, you’ll look at motivation. You will be able to consider the readiness and attitudes of the followers in order to effectively motivate.

Week 4 – Communication

  • During the midpoint week of the course, you’ll explore theories and real-world examples that focus on effective communication as a vital part of leadership.

Week 5 – Teams and Diversity

  • As you progress to week five, you’ll discuss teams and diversity.

Week 6 – Power and Strategy

  • In week six, you’ll apply what you learned about teams and diversity toward effective leadership power and strategy.

Week 7 – Culture and Values

  • Throughout this week, you’ll move from establishing proper leadership strategies to the importance of corporate culture and values.

Week 8 – Leading Change

  • During the last week, you’ll discuss effective ways to lead desired change.

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