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The 5 Cs of Caring
<p>Infographic:</p> <p>The 5 C’s of caring</p> <p>Nursing requires extensive medical knowledge, but it also requires something even greater: caring. Caring consists of several different components, all of which are important for creating better working relationships, better rapport with patients and can even improve your chances of career development. </p> <p>The 5 C’s of Caring were originally introduced by Sister Simone Roach in 2002. Here is a look at all five and how they can be applied to the nursing profession.</p> <p>1. Commitment: Commitment to your patients, yourself and your career allows you to constantly improve the level of care you deliver.</p> <p>2. Conscience: Being guided b your conscience helps you make the best decisions, even in challenging times.</p> <p>3. Competence: Holding yourself to a standard of excellence on even the simplest task improves your performance. </p> <p>4. Compassion: Compassion is essential for providing patients with a positive experience. </p> <p>5. Confidence: Confidence in your personal abilities gives you the power to act on all of the previous elements.</p> <p>University of Saint Mary</p>