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<p>What Qualities Should a Good Nurse Leader Have?</p> <p>Good nurse leaders pave the way for better patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and hospital growth. They’re crucial to settling the tone and quality of the facilities they work in; they inspire staff and care for patients. Being a good nurse leader requires certain qualities. Some of these may be innate; others may be acquired with time, experience, and education. Let’s look at some of the most important qualities of a nurse leader.</p> <p>Caring</p> <p>Nurse leaders who care about their staff see improved patient outcomes, as employee satisfaction directly improves patient satisfaction. That is why a good nurse leader is aware of employees’ individual needs, regularly measures employee satisfaction, creates action plans to improve staff morale, and develops relationships with staff.</p> <p>Results Focused</p> <p>The ability to lead by example and do the very things that they expect from their staff can make a nurse leader stand out from their peers. Other practices regularly seen in good nurse leaders include keeping all employees individually accountable, regularly rewarding success, and actively working to retain staff.</p> <p>Service oriented</p> <p>In many cases, nurse leaders look to the business world for inspiration, particularly in the area of customer service. They understand the need to maintain satisfaction for both staff and patients, so they tend to understand the importance of courtesy and professionalism, consistently do simple things, like greeting patients when entering or leaving the room, and work to keep patients happy, not just help them get healthy.</p> <p>Budget and Finance Savvy</p> <p>Finances are at the core of a hospital’s ability to care for patients, and a good nurse leader knows that planning can directly result in financial savings. Some of their financial practices include reinvesting savings to improve care, creating an annual budget, and sharing budget information with staff.</p> <p>Inspire by example</p> <p>Great leaders have both business acumen and people skills. They will inspire those around then to reach their goals and to work as a team. Some of the ways they accomplish that are strong communication skills, showing respect for employees and sharing information with them, and helping others become leaders.</p> <p>University of Saint Mary</p> <p>Resources include</p> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>