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Marketing Teams Can Benefit from a Leader that has Earned an M B A
<p>Marketing Teams Can Benefit from a Leader that Has Earned an M B A</p> <p>Marketing is a crucial component of any business, irrespective of industry; therefore, marketing departments can benefit from the guidance of a business-minded leader who can see the big picture and help the entire organization achieve success.</p> <p>What an M B A Professional Brings to a Marketing Department:</p> <p>C Level communication</p> <p>Facilitates communication between C level executives and marketing department, ensuring marketing campaigns align with company goals.</p> <p>Professional Network</p> <p>M B A professionals typically have large professional networks<sup> 1</sup>, an invaluable resource in the marketing profession.</p> <p>Pricing Strategy</p> <p>Create competitive pricing strategies. M B A professionals specialize in analyzing numbers and making savvy recommendations with profit in mind. <sup>2 </sup></p> <p>Business Analysis</p> <p>Analysis of the business, holistically from an outside perspective as well as a strategic development point of view. <sup>3</sup></p> <p>Further Need for M B A Professionals in Marketing</p> <p>38 percent of new M B A jobs in 2015 were in marketing roles <sup>4</sup></p> <p>Employment for Marketing Managers is slated for 12 percent growth through 2022. <sup>5</sup></p> <p>128,750 dollars is the median salary of Marketing Managers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. <sup>5</sup></p> <p>Creating a productive, efficient marketing department requires building a team of skilled individuals who don’t need training in business basics. The leadership, analytical, and communication skills of an M B A help guide the department to success.</p> <p>University of Saint Mary</p> <p>Sources include:</p> <p>1. <a href=""></a></p> <p>2. <a href=""></a></p> <p>3. <a href="https://www.">https://www.</a></p> <p>4. <a href="https://www.">https://www.</a></p> <p>5. <a href=""></a></p>