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Nurse Educator or Nurse Administrator Which is Right for You?
<p>Nurse Educator or Nurse Administrator</p> <p>Which is Right for You?</p> <p>A nurse looking for career advancement often considers the role of nurse educator or nurse administrator. Both are leadership roles, but they have distinct differences. Nurses enrolled in Master of Science in Nursing programs can choose to specialize in either area. Before making their selections, nurses pursuing their degree should understand what each position entails.</p> <p>Here’s what you should know about the two career paths 1 2 3 :</p> <p>Job Description: Nurse educators are registered nurses with advanced degrees who teach others in the field. Nurse administrators are registered nurses who take on a leadership role within a health care organization.</p> <p>Work Environment: Nurse educators are faculty members in nursing schools, teaching hospitals, and research clinics. Nurse administrators work at medical facilities, clinics, nursing homes, or other health care institutions.</p> <p>Median Pay as of 2015: Nurse educators is 72,470 dollars; Nurse administrators is 94,500 dollars</p> <p>Job Growth: 177,000 nurse educator jobs will be created by 2024. 56,300 nurse administrator jobs will be created by 2024.</p> <p>Job Duties: Nurse educators develop nursing curriculum, instruct and evaluate student abilities, mentor students, conduct research, monitor the success rates of educational programs, and incorporate latest research and standards of practice. Nurse administrators manage nursing staff, review staff as needed, train employees, manage budgets, develop work policies, and coordinate with management teams.</p> <p>Characteristics Needed: Nurse educators need to be creative thinkers, have the ability to teach, possess the passion to teach students with varying skills, and be good communicators. Nurse administrators need to possess leadership skills, be creative thinkers, have a passion for management, and be problem solvers.</p> <p>Job Best Suited for: Nurse educator role is best suited for nurses looking to share their expertise with nursing students and to move up the ranks as an educator. Nurse administrator role is best suited for nurses looking to focus on the management side of health care and move up the ranks within a medical facility.</p> <p>University of Saint Mary</p> <p>Sources:</p> <p> 1 <a href=""></a></p> <p> 2 <a href=""></a></p> <p> 3 <a href=""></a></p>