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10 Handy apps for professionals in personnel management infographic
<p>10 Handy Apps for Professionals in Personnel Management</p> <p>As demands increase, professionals in personnel management are relying on apps to help them track and manage important information. Here’s a look at 10 apps that are popular in this career:</p> <p>Surprising Number of Business Apps</p> <p>1 million mobile apps are available to help small businesses.</p> <p>Top app uses for personnel management</p> <p>66 percent of personnel management companies use payroll and benefits apps.</p> <p>63 percent of personnel management companies use workforce status apps.</p> <p>60 percent of personnel management companies use workforce analytics apps.</p> <p>10 personnel management apps to use:</p> <p>1. Org Publisher from People Fluent: OrgPublisher allows you to keep track of ongoing employee performance, analyze strategic and tactical goals, and even determine when to make new hires.</p> <p>2. Workday: An all-in-one human resource tool, this app helps businesses with talent management, recruiting, payroll, and time tracking.</p> <p>3. Jobvite: This app is built for recruiters and helps manage the entire hiring process, with access to reports and social media recruiting tools.</p> <p>4. Oracle Netsuite: This software attracts and recruits talent, allowing personnel managers to focus on creating a productive work environment.</p> <p>5. Bamboo H R: Software designed for small businesses, this app keeps employee data organized and trackable.</p> <p>6. The Applicant Manager: This mobile-friendly tool helps businesses recruit and track applicants with brand-friendly career pages and onboarding capabilities.</p> <p>7. Ascentis: From benefits management to payroll, this app manages and tracks the duties that are essential to human resources.</p> <p>8. Clear Company: This talent-management software helps businesses hire and manage employees.</p> <p>9. I C I M S: A recruitment-marketing app, this tool provides access to job boards and reports to streamline the hiring process.</p> <p>10. Kronos: This app measures and monitors employee productivity for a diverse remote, mobile, or onsite staff workforce.</p> <p>If you’re in business and thinking about growing your career, consider an M B A from U S M.</p> <p>University of Saint Mary Visit <a href=""></a> for more information.</p> <p>Sources:<p> <p>Bureau of Labor Statistics. <a href=""></a></p> <p>SmallBizTechnology. <a href=""></a></p> <p>AdWeek. <a href=""></a></p>