Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Prepare for a Successful Career in the In-Demand Cybersecurity Field

The online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program from the University of Saint Mary delivers the comprehensive skill sets you need to begin your career in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity. This online degree completion program combines professional and technical skills in cybersecurity with data analytics and business soft skills, so you graduate ready to make an impact in any organization. Transfer your associate degree credits and qualify for the tech job you want.

Program Benefits:

  • Cost-Per-Credit: $405
  • Average Completion Time: 1.5 to 2 years with an associate degree
  • Accreditation: IACBE
  • Develop Essential Technical Skills: Learn programming, networking, and database design while studying a curriculum that emphasizes computer forensics and IT system defense.
  • Hands-On Experience: Complete a three-credit internship to gain valuable field experience for your career.

Design and Implement Effective Cybersecurity Defense Strategies

The online B.S. in Cybersecurity degree completion program is grounded in the growing demand for cyber defense across industries. Over the next decade, cybersecurity budgets are projected to expand into billions as the job market swells to meet demand.

Our cutting-edge online curriculum provides students the knowledge and skills to improve data security and information systems within all types of organizations, preparing them for a wide range of career paths in information technology and cybersecurity. An internship is built into the degree curriculum to provide firsthand insight into the day-to-day business of cybersecurity. Our online cybersecurity students are equipped with professional skills in networking, software, systems, database management, computer forensics and ethical hacking.

Courses are taught by expert faculty and practitioners in the field, so students gain the relevant skill sets cybersecurity employers look for in applicants. You will learn to use cybersecurity resources, tools, and methods to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate countermeasures for effective cybersecurity defense.

In addition, our online B.S. in Cybersecurity degree program also focuses on essential business skills, ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals who can communicate effectively with stakeholders and think strategically about core business functions.

After completing the online B.S. in Cybersecurity program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the network designs, protocols, operations, and wired and wireless communications management.
  • Understand cybersecurity, security risks, data privacy, and the mitigation of data breaches.
  • Develop strategies and plans for security architecture consisting of tools, procedures, and technologies to detect and prevent network intrusion and hacking and to design effective cybersecurity countermeasures.
  • Communicate information technology information effectively.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethics and professionalism related to information technology and cybersecurity.
  • Evaluate ethical principles in business and apply them to organizational decision-making.
  • Recognize the need to engage in continuing professional developments in IT and the cybersecurity world.


The online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program features a combination of theoretical learning and experiential fieldwork. Students study the fundamentals of programming, networking, and cybersecurity through lectures, hands-on activities, discussions, visual presentations, and more.

Students of this degree can complete the fieldwork requirement locally and within their current workplace. Internship placement services are also available.

Unlike traditional computer information systems degree programs, our online B.S. in Cybersecurity curriculum emphasizes computer forensics and IT system defense. This focus allows students to build the most valuable skillsets for 21st-century information management careers.

Career Outlook

Job outlook for cybersecurity professionals is on the rise, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting 13% growth for computer and information technology occupations through 2030.1 Roles like information security analyst, which has an impressive growth rate of 33%,2 can put you at the forefront of cybersecurity and data management in settings like businesses, hospitals, academic institutions, government agencies, and more.

The professional connections, real-world training, and industry-specific expertise you gain in the online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program from the University of Saint Mary set you up for long-term career success and advancement.

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