Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminology Completion Program

An Interdisciplinary Program to Understand Human Behavior

The University of Saint Mary offers a Bachelor's in Criminology that draws from several disciplines to more effectively engage with the root causes of human behavior. Through an industry-focused curriculum, you will learn to think and research critically, communicate during tense situations, and practice empathetic, human-focused practices.

Program Benefits:

  • Cost-Per-Credit: $405
  • Average Completion Time: 18 months
  • People-Focused Learning: Develop ethical leadership skills while understanding the root causes of human behavior with coursework in psychology and sociology.
  • Industry Aligned Curriculum: Coursework is built on the recommendations of local law enforcement experts and administrators on the USM Criminology Advisory Board.

Serve and Care for Your Community

The behavioral-focused nature of the online B.A. in Criminology program prompts students to engage with subjects like psychology, sociology, and political science to understand the root causes of human behavior. Students learn from experts in the field how to research, analyze, and draw conclusions from criminal trends and behaviors. Small class sizes and one-on-one mentorship opportunities with faculty allow students to gain deeper insight.

One of the most significant challenges currently facing law enforcement and criminologist professionals is the lack of available training on addressing the motivations behind human behavior. The online B.A. criminology degree prompts students to engage fully with innovative, human-centered practices.

The benefit of this requirement is that students will be able to focus entirely on criminology while they pursue their academic and career goals. Because the online bachelor's in criminology is a degree completion program, students coming into the program are expected to have already completed their general education requirements.


The online B.A. in Criminology degree features an in-depth curriculum structured by recommendations from our Criminology Advisory Board of criminal justice and law enforcement administrators. Unlike similar degree paths, the B.A. in Criminology showcases a focus on human-centered behaviors to allow students to understand the motivations behind human actions. The interdisciplinary nature of the degree enables you to adopt research and analytical skills that will set you apart as you move into the job market or explore advancement opportunities.

Career Outlook

As a result of understanding more about human motivations and mastering the de-escalation practices explored in the online Bachelor's in Criminology, you'll qualify for industry-leading positions in law enforcement as officers, detectives, administrators, and more. The B.A. in Criminology path features a novel approach to law enforcement through a focus on human behavior and research. You will be equipped with the tools to become a leader in the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers and detectives earn an average salary of $67,290 per year.1

Take the Next Step

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1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Police and Detectives, on the Internet at (visited March 31, 2022).