Natalie Tuteur, Enrollment Coordinator

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I went to University of Colorado Boulder and earned my bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology. Before working at USM, I worked as a resource advocate at a women’s shelter. We had an educational program where women could earn their GED or learn life skills. There were a lot of people who got so much fulfillment out of doing that program. They were struggling, but they could complete their education, which not only opened up a lot of opportunities, but also showed great strength and achievement. Since then, I’ve been thinking about working in education in some way. I didn’t want to be a teacher though; I wanted to approach education from a different side. I joined USM to do just that.

As an Enrollment Coordinator, describe what you do to support our students.

I have two functions. The first is that I’m a spot checker for admissions. Any documentation that is sent in, I’ll review it first. I process a lot of student documents and make sure they meet requirements.

The other thing I do is act as a liaison between our admissions team and the program directors and program chairs. I’ll relay student information, questions, and scenarios that students might have. I’m an extra layer of support and help make sure the documents are ready to be submitted before they’re reviewed for acceptance.

What advice do you have for students during the application process?

Make sure if you’re writing a personal statement or a GPA statement, you take it seriously. This is your representation of yourself. For a lot of students that’s a deal breaker when their application is being reviewed for acceptance. Also, just keep on yourself to get everything done. Our process is straight forward and I don’t think it needs to be thought of as a daunting process.

What would you tell a student considering going back to school?

I say go for it. If you have the chance to move forward with your education, which can lead to professional opportunities and personal growth, you should take it.

What’s something you really like about USM?

All the program directors and chairs are wonderful and welcoming. I remember when I first started they were so excited to have me here. Our students see how they are understanding and willing to work with you.

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