Kelly Curtis, Admissions Advisor

Tell me about your background.

I have a varied background. I earned a master’s of science. I worked in the medical field for JJ and Abbott, working with doctors and nurses in equipment sales. I’ve also taught middle school science and I have worked with professors designing online science kits before I came to USM.

What do you like about USM?

I like that there is a high level of caring and support for the student from the very beginning to the end. You won’t feel like a number. There is personal attention. We’re there to provide information, help you through the process, and consult.

What advice do you have for students applying?

  • Use your Program Manager to help you through the application steps, but also use them for emotional support. Tell us your hesitations so we can better prepare you.
  • Stay organized, especially with deadlines.
  • Ask questions and don’t make the application process more difficult than it is. We’re here to help you navigate it.

Do you have a favorite program?

I really like working with all the programs, because I connect with all the different fields. I have a teaching background, so I connect with the MAT students. I have a strong business background and was working in health care, so I connect with the health care programs and our MBA as well.

What do you wish students knew before they started?

I checked in with a student in their first week not too long ago and she said, ‘If I had known there would be this much connection in the first week, I would’ve done it a lot sooner.” Other students have said similar things. They feel more connection with the way we design our classroom, the assignments, our small class sizes, and the personal touch with the professors. I’ve even heard that they feel more connection with our online program than campus-based programs they’ve done before.

I think students should also know how flexible the programs are. We recognize that family and career come first. They really are designed for someone balancing life, so you can definitely fit it into your schedule. Two years, or whatever your program takes, goes by quickly. And then, before you know it, you graduate and reach your goal.

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