Diana Hall, Admissions Advisor

Tell me about your background.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and I minored in sociology. I also got a certificate in public relations (PR). I worked in PR for a bit and then I got into education. I decided to go back to school and I earned my master’s degree in family and marriage counseling. While I was going to school for my master’s, I worked in human services providing assistance and counseling to survivors of domestic violence, teens in adolescent treatment, and with women and children in residential addiction treatment. After I graduated I went back to education and started a private practice. After working for a few years in education, I decided to commit all my time to the university where I was working at, and leave counseling behind. Education has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, and still continue to utilize my counseling skills from time to time. Saint Mary’s has been one of my favorite universities that I have worked at because of my wonderful students and the positive culture we have in my department.

You’ve attended and worked at a few different universities before coming here. What do you like about USM?

I look at the quality of the education and how involved the instructors are with their students. You can go to a big state school and have 60 people in your classroom and never really know who you’re having online discussions with. Whereas at USM, it’s a high quality of education in a much smaller environment. USM is very student-oriented which is very important to perspective students. It’s also a really professional environment here. The instructors have industry experience, and they really want to bring in that professional experience, as well as the educational background into the classroom.

Explain how you support students during the admissions process.

I’m here to help my students through a very big change in their life. Most people, when we first speak, are very excited and nervous. It’s important for me to get to know everything about my students so that we can experience those highs and lows during their admissions process together. Uncovering what being a student again is going to look like is as equally important as making sure the school checks the boxes of what they want. I always tell my students in the beginning, that the most difficult part of being a student again is getting started. Once they commit to starting the process, my favorite part of my role is helping them achieve this important goal.

What one thing do you want students to know about the admissions process?

You are going to have someone who will help you every step of the way during this this process.

What do you tell your students as they’re considering going back to school?

I want people to think about what their life will look like if they don’t get their degree.

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