Alex Gorjidooz, Admissions Advisor

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I have a bachelor’s degree in finance from Adams State University. I worked in the financial world for quite some time, including the mortgage industry during a drastic market change. I had an opportunity to work within higher education and that started my passion for working with students.

What is something you like about one of our online programs?

I am passionate about our BSN program. It is one of the most flexible programs and our instructors really work with students. I’ve heard nothing but compliments from students who are in the program right now and even students who left and then came back.

Plus when you enroll in our BSN program, you’re eligible to take two of the MSN courses so you can finish your MSN quicker. My advice is to knock out the two MSN courses so you can continue on with your education and finish your master’s in about a year.

How will online students feel like they’re a part of USM?

As a student you’ll receive emails about campus events so you know what’s going on. You’re going to feel like part of the community here. You’re going to know what’s happening with instructors, students both on campus and online, important awards given out, and other updates. You’re going to feel like you’re a Spire.

Your diploma is also going to say that you’re a University of Saint Mary graduate. There is no difference in the diploma for online students versus campus students.

What advice do you have for students considering applying?

My three application tips are:

  1. Make sure you’re able to complete your file as quickly as possible. Classes do fill up, because we like to keep our classes relatively small. I’ve had a few students miss out on taking a particular class right away because it was full before they were able to get everything completed. I like to recommend that they finish their file in two weeks.
  2. Talk to other schools. I want to make sure you know what your options are and that you find the school that is the best fit. And, if we’re not the best fit, I want to at least help you find a school that might work for you.
  3. Talk to your family about school. Make sure you know who’s really on your side and who will be there to support you.

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